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5 Ways Infogressive Protects Your Castle with Managed Security Services

5 Ways Infogressive Protects Your Castle with Managed Security Services

Posted by INFOGRESSIVE TEAM on 11/17/16 10:14 AM

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It seems that our news feeds are constantly flooded with the headlines of the latest cyber attack. Wishing it away, or hoping that our news filters are malfunctioning, is just not possible. Sadly, it is due to the fact that these crimes are happening more frequently than ever before. 

The worst part is that the response from the victims is all too predictable: “We just didn’t think it would ever happen to us.” 

This nightmare becomes a reality for far too many companies, and for this reason, we here at Infogressive stay busy with our Managed Security Services.


Who We Are

When people ask me who Infogressive is and what we do, I make it quite simple:

We are a team of security experts who protect our clients from cyber attacks and treat their networks like they are our own. This is who we are at our core.

Our engineers are SANS trained security ninjas who specialize in knowing how hackers break in and also in knowing how to stop them. In today’s world, companies do not have the time or the expertise to defend themselves properly, and we’ve found that many of them don’t want to go it alone. With our help, they can solely focus on their business, and we can focus on their security.

Our clients who use our program of managed security services have never experienced a data breach in our ten-year existence. We take pride in this reputation given that 50% of small businesses have had data breaches of some kind. The industry average time to detect an attack is about seven months, but for our clients it’s closer to seven hours or even minutes. What is our secret? It’s simple. We preach a layered defense strategy that is managed and monitored on a continuous basis. To explain a bit more, think of your company's network as a castle.


5 Steps to a Secure Castle

1.  The Moat

The first thing you must do to protect your castle is to have a strong perimeter defense. Your Next Generation Firewall, somewhat like a powerful moat, is the essential first layer of defense. Your firewall will give you visibility into who and what is trying to go in and out of your network. It will also block unauthorized users from gaining access, along with stopping sensitive data from leaving your walls. The statistics are staggering, with 90%+ of all attacks contain an email aspect, which brings us to our next line of defense…

2.  The Door

When an intruder manages to get past the moat, a quick second defense is necessary. We recommend integrating two additional services into the firewall, the first being Email Security with anti-spam and encryption functionality. The second is a Sandbox that will test unknown files to make sure they are good before letting them through to the users inbox. Without a strong door, the cyber criminals have easy access to come and go as they please, leaving you high and dry.


3.  A Secure Perimeter

If there’s a gaping hole in your castle wall, you should probably know about it, right? Another essential line of defense is called Vulnerability Management. Hundreds of new vulnerabilities emerge monthly. Think of these as open and unguarded windows into your castle. Through these vulnerabilities, criminals are able to sneak in and wreak havoc. These vulnerabilities can occur in programs that need upgrades, misconfigured appliances, new devices that show up, and much more. We protect our clients by running recurring vulnerability scans of their entire network and then providing actionable and prioritized reports based on the results of those scans.


4.  The Internal Fortress

One of our last lines of defense is our Advanced Malware Prevention. This is your ace in the hole that is built to stop anything and anyone that already breaks into the castle and is attacking a device. Those traditional signature-based or heuristic-based solutions cannot keep up with today’s sophisticated attacks. We deploy a solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to block these advanced forms of malware. When you combine this technology with our engineers who are trained in the art of identifying indicators of compromise, your level of endpoint protection skyrockets.


5.  The Watch Tower

We cap off our multiple layers of defense with Managed SIEM. SIEM (security information and event management) gives you a holistic picture of your organization’s IT security. This is the ‘birds eye view’ into all the activity happening within your castle. When this technology is combined with the continuous monitoring of our engineers, we are able to connect and correlate the activity generated by your entire network. This service allows you to have 24/7 visibility into every event that takes place. It doesn’t just produce logs, but it actually makes sense of the logs and wakes you up when something suspicious is happening in your network.


The Guards

All the right technology is essentially rendered useless without the help of trained security experts (your castle guards) who know the technology, know the threats, and who continuously manage and monitor the network. This is what we do all day every day here at Infogressive. It’s not monotonous or boring to us, it’s a thrill and a privilege. After all, we are paranoid security nerds. If you are interested in anyone of these services or simply would like an assessment of your castle (infrastructure) feel free to contact us today.


Written By: Jared Froehlich, Security Account Manager


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