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Posted by INFOGRESSIVE TEAM on 8/30/17 12:49 PM

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Passwords are important, they are the equivalent to your house keys, car keys or even your debit card. Having strong, secure passwords is critical.

Think of it this way, if you had to hide your house keys every day when you leave for work, would you hide them in the easiest, most convenient spot so that you can get back into the house as quickly as possible when you get home? Just leave the keys in the door maybe? Would you leave your car keys in the ignition with the doors unlocked? It would certainly save you time. No more looking for your keys or messing with that pesky process of unlocking the door. No one would be shocked if a car was stolen and you later found out that the doors were unlocked and the keys were in the ignition. So why are we surprised when our identity is stolen when we’ve basically handed over the keys to our virtual “home”.

Creating strong passwords is the best way to “hide the keys” from criminals. In this week’s White Board Wednesday video, Dillon takes us through some best practices for creating and saving passwords.


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